How To Break A Fever – Remember, fevers aren’t bad, they’re just uncomfortable.

This was adapted from a protocol that I learned from Dr. Nelson and combines very well with some of our nutritional protocols. The fever is mobilizing calcium from your bones and muscles.
This causes the aches and chills that we dread. So, give the body what it needs first, and then proceed with breaking what is left of the fever.
Usually, Calicum Lactate and Cataplex F help to greatly assist the fever response, and ease it.
We always want to address the root causes of issues, including fevers.
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At the first sign of cold, flu, fever or other illness, do the following:

Preparing To Break A Fever

-All linens and blankets must be cotton, wool or down to allow for breathing, do not
synthetics or polyester blends.
-Pull back the blankets on the bed to expose the fitted bed sheet.
-In winter, open the windows to make the room as cold as possible. This is important.
-In summer or spring, turn the air conditioner down and let it run until the bed room is frigid.
-You can remove the top sheet and place it in the washer on the rinse cycle. Let the machine wring out excess water.
-In the past I have gone as far as taking the sheet straight from the washer and into the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Bath or Shower Time

-Fill the bath with as warm water as you can tolerate.
– You can also add 2+ cups of Epsom salts, if you have them.
-Get in the hot water for no less than 25+ minutes with the goal to build heat in the body.
-You should have some sweating while in the tub.
-If you only have a shower, stand or sit directly under the stream of water.

Break A Fever In Bed!

After the bath, while wet, get out and either
-a) head to the cold bedroom and get in bed or
-b) wrap in the cold, wet/icy sheet from the washer  or freezer and get in bed.
-Now cover up with as many blankets as possible and go to sleep.

If this does not work, you can repeat it.
If you’re still struggling with a fever, call us immediate so we can identify the root cause of your fever.
Sure, you might have an infection…but what made you susceptible and what is preventing you from recovering?