Feel free to use this and amend as you see fit for your own belief system.
Simply, it works. Remember, there is a spiritual world that we cannot see; and spiritual warfare is very real.
You must understand that it will help you. Your reality is largely what YOU make it.
Your words, thoughts and intentions will shape your reality, so speak to yourself in a positive manner.
Here is a brief article shedding light on the scientific evidence supporting positive self-talk and thought.

Emotion Clearing / Stress Releasing /Energy Balancing Prayer

[Deep breath in]
Father in heaven, join with __(name)__, & bring awareness to all stressors connected to ALL things involved with and IN ALL things relating to this situation with __(name)__.

Please, REVEAL ALL of these stressors, blocks and imbalances.

                                    In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior

I release the bondage from all heart walls, chemical & environmental stressors, trapped physical, mental & emotional stressors.
I remove all spiritual abnormalities, detrimental mindsets, and dark energies.
I reverse all mutations, distortions, manipulations, and negative beliefs.

I pray for energetic balance and protection for __(name)__ as to not let (__his/her__) energy be negatively impacted by the enemy.
Fill these newly created voids with the beneficial love, light and energy of the Holy Spirit, Father.


“Pray with me: [Deep breath in]
What a great experience releasing ALL stressors, entities, heart walls and imbalances.
[Deep breath in]
Creating coherence IN ALL, I reset, re-align, and optimize my energy and vibration with that of the Lord inside me.
[Deep breath in]
I love you. I am sorry. Please, forgive me. Thank you. (4x)”

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


This prayer can be used multiple times a day, if needed.
Use it to bring peace and balance to yourself or someone else who is in need.
The most important part of this is to remember that YOU have have the power to change your circumstances.
God is your companion, Father and a weapon against spiritual warfare.
More on spiritual warfare can be found here!