Parasites are largely overlooked by medical providers in America, unfortunately.
For some more information on parasitic infections, refer to the CDC, here.
Granted, the CDC has lost much of its credibility in the last five years…so take that CDC publication for what is worth. If you would like more information on how we can help people that have parasites, check out our health restoration therapies, here. It is important to remember that we treat people and not infections or diseases. Our approaches work, period.

The fact of the matter is that most, if not all of us, carry parasites. Some of these can be passed on from mother to child in utero. Some of these are picked up from soil, unwashed produce, and even municipal tap water. Others are more obvious like mosquitos, ticks and fleas.  Sadly, our furry friends at home are a huge contributor to the human parasite load. This should go without saying but do NOT let your pets lick your face or share your food. Simply sleeping with our pets or being barefoot in the house with them can put someone at risk of infection. With that in mind, sharing ice cream with your dog is obviously not a good idea.

Parasites contribute to almost all health problems we experience. In almost everyway, these infections make other health problems worse. Frankly, in our experience, they not only exacerbate other health problems but they outright cause many of them. Wondering where to start? We need to assess you in person or virtually to determine IF this is something that could potentially be a problem for you.

Rashes like this are often related to parasites in one way or another. In cases like this, we need to determine what your body’s priority is in terms of starting points. Just because someone has an obvious problem, does not mean it is wise to charge full steam ahead into that problem. Often times the body needs help elsewhere first to better handle the more obvious problem! This is where muscle testing comes in to save the day!