Don’t Be a Victim of the Cardiovascular Disease Scam
            It’s the middle of February!  That means the Super Bowl is over and Groundhog Day is behind us, and it is time to switch our focus onto “Heart health” month, after all, we do have Valentine’s Day here. Currently 1 in 2 Americans die due to cardiovascular disease or CVD.  CVD is the #1 cause of death worldwide.  It equates to 1 death every 38 seconds.  CVD is more lethal that the next 7 causes of death combined.  CVD drains the US health care (crisis care really!) system and our economy by over $400 billion annually. This is vitally important and you MUST share this information with your friends and family members.  It could save a life!

CVD includes hypertension, coronary artery disease, strokes, congestive heart failure, congenital cardiovascular defects and arrhythmias.  “Traditional” medicine, drugs, surgeries, etc. have truly missed the boat with this one.  Don’t get me wrong, I know and appreciate the advances in medical care could be life saving for some.  However, what nobody is telling you is that it is preventable!  Family history or not, it is VERY, VERY PREVENTABLE!

Going back in time—about 100 years ago—CVD was relatively rare, in not quite 1% of the population.  Over time as our society “matured” and medicine “advanced” CVD has now grown to more than 50% of the population.  100 years ago our diets were 50% fat, 0% hydrogenated oils and little to no sugar or grains.  Today, our diets are only 33% fat of which 40% is hydrogenated oils, and we consume on average half a pound of sugar each day plus starches!

Our MDs are smart, brilliant people.  They are in the tops of their classes but what does that represent?  They know how to digest knowledge or information taught to them by big pharma and spit it back out on tests.  This doesn’t necessarily translate into health care, more like crisis intervention.

CVD is not, I’ll repeat this, IS NOT due to too much correct fat in our diets!
This has never been proven with any study.  What has been proven over and over again but kept from you is that CVDs are an inflammatory process that is caused by years of poor nutrition.  We will explain this process in future posts.  So if you are ready to help us help change the world for the better, beginning with our families and communities, set them up with a consultation and Dr. Zeronis can educate them about what is going on in their body and how to address it, naturally!

Some of the most effective, heart-healthy products that I have ever used in practice can be found here, here and here.
Sometimes, one or more of these will pair well with an herbal companion like this one or this one.
If someone is prone to lower blood pressure, I would muscle test Vasculin first to see if it is a more appropriate choice. It is easy to make an educated guess about a protocol, but testing the products is my first choice.
Ultimately, we need to understand why the body is doing what it is doing and supporting the causation of the compensation. To better understand how this is done, refer here and read about Nutrition Response Testing.

-Ryan Zeronis, DC, CAN, CCWFN

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